Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a smaller package in my off season or when business is slow?

We offer Seasonal pricing dependent on the time of year and or circumstance. Please call in to your client adviser and go over your account.

How do I upgrade my package?

Call into Customer Service and we can upgrade your package at anytime.

Google Analytics

Logo Creation

Site Backup

Video Testimonials

How do I change my Coupons, Video's or Pictures?

You can login to your back office and make any updates you would like. I do recommend calling in to your Customer Service team and have them make all necessary changes to make sure they are done correctly. At least have them walk you through it the 1st time.

Is there a contract and how or when can I cancel?

There is not a contract. The service is a month to month service. We will earn your business every 30 days. I can assure you that you will love the service that we provide and will come back every month willingly as a happy client. THIS IS AN AUTO BILLED SERVICE!!! if you want to cancel they must call in to Customer Service and go through the cancellation process.

What is your guarantee?

Our Guarantee is that you will love the product and service that we provide! Your state of the art website will have all the bells and whistles to make sure it is effective. You can call in at anytime during business hours and have unlimited changes to the website and every year you get a FREE website re-design. YES FREE!!!

How long will it take for my marketing package to be fully set up?

We start working on your account right away. We do a live demonstration with all of your information. As soon as the initial transaction goes through we start working on attaching the domain of your choice (within reason) to YOUR NEW WEBSITE. Please remember this is a partnership! This can take up to 90 minutes.

How often will I get contacted or receive updates after I sign up?

This is a Great question! You will get a welcome letter after the initial transaction goes through.There is an email 3 days before your billing cycle as a reminder of the investment. You are also given a username and password for your own personal back office so you can see all your information whenever you would like or you can simply call into our Customer Service and they will go over your account with you.

How can I track the phone calls coming into my business?

Unfortunately we do not track phone calls. You can purchase our add-on feature Google Analytics and see all traffic! I also do recommend to ask every client where they saw your business or how they heard about your business. If they say they saw you online- well then you are welcome 🙂

Can I list multiple locations in one account?

We can have multiple locations on your website. There is an area on the “CONTACT” page that you can add as many locations as you may have with address, phone number and hours of operations pre location.

Can I sign up or add packages online?

You can go to the website and see our information and give us a call to sign you up. If you feel unsure we can also send you an email with a link to enter in your own information if needed.

Can I add another location and do you have a discount for this?

You can always add an additional websites at anytime to your account. When you call in to Customer Service they will be able to go over the discount with you as we have promotions through out the year.

Can you please send me a paper invoice to see how much my balance is?

We do not do paper invoices as we are a green company. We can send an email per your request as well as if you are in a failed payment state you will receive an email with all of that information.

Can you optimize my website?

We do not optimize personal websites unless they are our websites we built. We will give you the link of YOUR NEW WEBSITE and explain how to put it out to all the information you have online about your business.

Is this a local or national campaign? Where will my website be seen?

As long as there is wifi your website has the ability of beeing seen online through all major browsers and search engines. It is all about getting your information in front of the people looking for services today.

Am I able to take down bad reviews? How can I fix these?

With out websites you can not be a customer and post directly to the site. These need to be added by you the website owner or a Customer Service Rep. from 123Websites.

Can you optimize my website?

We do not optimize personal websites unless they are our websites we built. We will give you the link of YOUR NEW WEBSITE and explain how to put it out to all the information you have online about your business.

What if I cannot pay my monthly invoice?

If you can not pay the monthly service call in to customer service and speak with an adviser and set up a payment plan or a smaller package for your business. You do not want to go into a failed payment status as your website will be inactive and cause you to be invisible and that is not what you want nor do we.

Can I make a payment online?

We do not do payments online. The service is auto billed. If you have a issue you can call into Customer Service and speak with an Adviser about the account.

Can I change my billing information myself on my account online?

You can not change information on your account from the website. You can call in to Customer Service and update your card with a Client Adviser.

What payment methods do you accept? Amex?, PayPal?, Money-Order? Pre-Paid Cards?

The payments that we except are Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover and Check.

How do I get notified before my next bill? Call, text, or email?

You will get notified by email 3 days before your billing cycle via email for your reminder.

Will the price on my services ever change?

The price of service is locked in at what you signed up on. If you signed up on a promotional rate you will be locked in. If you add additional products you will have an increase in your investment for your new services we will be providing to you.

What makes you different from other marketing companies?

We will connect the dots like the other companies cannot or have not!!! We will be providing a back office for you to have the capability of making changes. Your marketing is like a puzzle and we will put the pieces together by not just building you your website but by maintaining it as well! This includes unlimited changes and a FREE yearly re-design!

How many changes can I make to my marketing package?

We can make changes at any given time to the Description, Logo, Videos, Gallery, Services and any of the pages on the website. We can also set up a Blog Page, Video Testimonials, Creative Logo Design and Google Analytics.

Can you write reviews for me or do you blog for clients?

We do not do blogging or write reviews for clients. We do recommend that you get reviews from family, friends and all your clients that receive your services.

What are the differences between directories and review sites?

Directories are where we can highlight your business and put out a lot of information regarding your business. Review sites are for people to comment and write about the experience of your business or services. Both are needed for you online marketing. All of these should have the link to your website!!! The more places your website is the better you website performs!

How many leads do you guarantee?

We do not Guarantee leads. We guarantee visibility. Visibility brings traffic and traffic brings revenue. We make sure your website is catering to the needs of the people looking for the product and services you provide. The people that are looking to buy.

What are your customer service hours and how can I contact you?

Customer Service hours are 7am-5pm PST. You can reach us by calling into the customer service number or email the customer service team. Please look at your emails and invoices for all contact information.